The main goal is to have podcasters be flooded with chances to be a guest on other podcasts and have guests.

If you’re ready to join up go Submit!

There are rules though:


1. This is a give and take situation. You must be willing to host spots as well as appear.


2. Within a week we will have a guest for you, communication is key though:


You have 1 week to respond to a guest set up. Failure to do so will lead to probation.


Please do not cancel on people. Part of the process will be us describing the guest you will have on and making a plan as to how to make that guest spot amazing for your show. Once we confirm that you’ll have that guest on we expect that in 48 hours you to give 4 possible dates in a 2 week span.


Cancelling will lead to probation.


3. Respect the rules of the show. Hate speech and censorship and content expectations are a part of creating art. If someone asks you not say certain words or talk about certain subjects, don’t. Failure will lead to probation.


4. Waive your material to the show. Anything you record on the show is that podcast’s material. Do not read ads for them. Be aware of how to indemnify yourself as well.


5. Probation: This means for 1 month you’ll recieve no guest spots. 3 strikes you’re out.


6. Have fun. This is not a say nothing rule. the point of entertainment as a job is to be pleasant and create a fun time for others. Make a good show for the other podcast.


Excited to meet you all!



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